One of the great things about modern communications is that, with the press of a button, almost anywhere in the world, one can be in touch or make contact. Corpus Christi Parish website is there for you. I hope that you will find the information useful.

Our church, situated only a couple of minutes walk from the seafront, is open all day and it is good to see many people popping in for a short visit and finding peace and quiet with the Lord.

Our parish community has an active lay involvement, with clergy, Religious and lay folk working in a collaborative way, and doing so closely with other churches in the area. Together we share the Good News of Jesus.

We are proud of our Catholic Primary School – Corpus Chrsti School – situated beside the Church and opposite Ellenbrough Park South, a park used as a school playground.

Our Parish Pastoral Council join me in welcoming you to this website.

God bless

Canon Tom Gunning V.F

Canon Tom Gunning

Canon Tom Gunning

Parish Priest

Parish Priest:

Canon Tom Gunning V.F.

Assistant Priest: Fr. Michael Faneye MSP


Rev Stephen Munday
Rev Michael Roberts

Finance  Manager

Peter Ottley a parishioner, has been appointed temporary Finance Manager. He can be contacted through The Presbytery on 01934 621929.

Parish Administrator

Tracey Nelson 01934 621929.

Contact Tracey using the form below:

Parish Groups

The Parish is zoned into areas with parishioners in each area acting as Parish Contacts or Pastoral carers. Parish contacts inform the clergy of any needs, names of newcomers, and vice-versa. In brief, the local contact is a good neighbour in his or her area.

The Parish Pastoral Council plays a leading role in the Parish. The PPC links with the Deanery and Diocesan Pastoral Councils. The following groups indicate the amount of the involvement in our Parish Community.

The Parish Groups include those devoted to sacramental preparation, such as Baptism Preparation, First Holy Communion, Confirmation Preparation and Marriage Preparation.

A number of groups express in a practical way the Church’s commitment to Social Justice. These include the Soup Kitchen, Welfare, A.P.F. and Parish Projects. Cafod, Justice and Peace, The S.P.U.C., Rosary,  Social, Choir & Music Group, Church Upkeep, Welcomers, Friendship Club, Prayer, Liturgy, Finance & Fabric and Flower Groups all help to enhance the life of the Parish.

To find out about any of these groups, please email Tracey above.