Our churches, like so many other people at the moment, are in the situation of having lost a lot of income, whilst having just as many bills to pay. That’s why we’re asking, only if you’re able to, that you consider continuing your material support.

To donate via the buttons below, you can use any card, and don’t need a PayPal account (in which case, click ‘Donate by Card’). The donation goes to the Diocese (which is the registered charity), and will then be paid back to the parish.



Alternatively, give to Our Lady of Lourdes parish or give to St Joseph’s Parish.



Bishop Declan is the chair of the Catholic Holy Land Co-ordination, and has reminded us of our brothers and sisters there. He says: ‘On top of the devastating impact upon the local economy [of the lack of pilgrims at this time of year], the confirmation of Covid-19 cases in Gaza, where the healthcare system has effectively collapsed, and people are trapped in the most overcrowded conditions on earth, points to an impending humanitarian catastrophe’. He urges us to support them by our prayers and, where possible, our donations:
Friends of the Holy Land Appeal
Embrace the Middle East
Medical Aid for Palestinians

Finally, Gift Aid increases the value of donations by 25%. If you can use Gift Aid, please include your envelope number in the ‘message to the parish’ field. If you could Gift Aid you contributions, but don’t currently, please let us know and we’ll get a Gift Aid form to you.