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          Parish Groups

The Parish is zoned into areas with parishioners in each area acting as Parish Contacts or Pastoral carers. Parish contacts inform the clergy of any needs, names of newcomers, and vice-versa. In brief, the local contact is a good neighbour in his or her area.

The Parish Pastoral Council plays a leading role in the Parish. The PPC links with the Deanery and Diocesan Pastoral Councils. The following groups indicate the amount of the involvement in our Parish Community.

The Parish Groups include those devoted to sacramental preparation, such as Baptism Preparation, First Holy Communion, Confirmation Preparation and Marriage Preparation.

A number of groups express in a practical way the Church's commitment to Social Justice. These include the Soup Kitchen, Welfare, Traidcraft, A.P.F. and Parish Projects. Cafod, Justice and Peace, The S.P.U.C., Rosary, Ecumenical, Social, Choir & Music Group, Church Upkeep, Welcomers, Friendship Club, Toddlers, Prayer, Liturgy, Finance & Fabric and Flower Groups all help to enhance the life of the Parish.