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Reminder of our Mission Statement
The Gospel calls Corpus Christi Parish to be a living sign of Jesus Christ
• An open and vibrant community growing in spirituality,
• An active community where all are encouraged to participate,
• To work with other Churches to spread the Good News to all and to seek a greater
understanding of other Faiths.

Parish Events

                                  Easter Vigil

We were delighted to welcome john Kirkhope into full commnion with the Catholic Church after a year of
going through the RCIA (Rite of Catholic Initiation of Adults) process. The pictures show John being accepted
(he had already been baptised) and confirmed. John is shown with Canon Tom, with his sponsor Chris Davies,
John's wife Lisa, and catechist Jean Davies. There is also a picture of John cutting the special "welcome" cake
in the Parish Hall after his reception. Please continue to pray for him as he gets used to being a full member
of the Catholic Church.
The RCIA programme for this season finishes at Pentecost
(after introducing John to various aspects of Catholic life) but the next season, for any others who are interested
in the Catholic faith, will start in September (please watch the newsletter for details). The programme entails
discussing each Thursday evening how we live out the message of the Gospel for the following Sunday.
There are no right or wrong answers as we are living our own faith and we rely very much on the personal
testimony of members of the parish who share their own lived experiences. An alternative name for the RCIA is

"Sharing our faith"

Many thanks to John for his personal faith and to all those others who supported the programme through their own testimonies.

First Communion 2019

.Corpus Christi Ellenborough Park
First Holy Communion Programme 2019
Application Form

Corpus Christi Ellenborough Park
First Holy Communion Programme 2019
Application Form

CHILD’S NAME --------------------------------------------------------------
(This name will appear on your child’s FHC Certificate)

SCHOOL ATTENDED: CLASS YEAR --------------------------------

PLACE OF BAPTISM ------------------------------------------------------
(If not Baptised in the Parish we will need a copy of your child’s Baptism Certificate)

PARENT/CARER NAME --------------------------------------------------

ADDRESS --------------------------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------ POST CODE -----------------

TEL NO ------------------------------------ MOBILE -----------------------

EMAIL ADDRESS -----------------------------------------------------------
(We will use email as the main method of contact. Please check that our email address is in your contacts and be aware that emails may be directed to your spam folder by your email provider)

EMERGENCY CONTACT ------------------------------------------------

TEL NO------------------------------ RELATIONSHIP TO CHILD -------------------------------------

I have made any health concerns about my child known in writing to those caring for my child.
This information is given to other Catechists on a strictly need to know basis.
I am happy for my name and address to be recorded on the parish database.
I am happy for photographs of my child to appear on the Parish Website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

PARENT/CARER’S signature -----------------------------------------------------------

Print name -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Please return your completed form to Corpus Christi Presbytery by Monday 10th September 2018.
We ask for a donation of £10 if possible towards the expense of the Programme. Please speak to the Parish Priest if this will be a problem.
For the safety of your children Corpus Christi Parish is committed to following Safeguarding Procedure’s laid down by the Diocese of Clifton.

CHILD’S NAME --------------------------------------------------------------
(This name will appear on your child’s FHC Certificate)

SCHOOL ATTENDED: CLASS YEAR --------------------------------

PLACE OF BAPTISM ------------------------------------------------------
(If not Baptised in the Parish we will need a copy of your child’s Baptism Certificate)

PARENT/CARER NAME --------------------------------------------------

ADDRESS --------------------------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------ POST CODE -----------------

TEL NO ------------------------------------ MOBILE -----------------------

EMAIL ADDRESS -----------------------------------------------------------
(We will use email as the main method of contact. Please check that our email address is in your contacts and be aware that emails may be directed to your spam folder by your email provider)

EMERGENCY CONTACT ------------------------------------------------

TEL NO------------------------------ RELATIONSHIP TO CHILD -------------------------------------

I have made any health concerns about my child known in writing to those caring for my child.
This information is given to other Catechists on a strictly need to know basis.
I am happy for my name and address to be recorded on the parish database.
I am happy for photographs of my child to appear on the Parish Website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

PARENT/CARER’S signature -----------------------------------------------------------

Print name -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Please return your completed form to Corpus Christi Presbytery by Monday 10th September 2018.
We ask for a donation of £10 if possible towards the expense of the Programme. Please speak to the Parish Priest if this will be a problem.
For the safety of your children Corpus Christi Parish is committed to following Safeguarding Procedure’s laid down by the Diocese of Clifton.

Induction of Canon Tom Gunning V.F.

On Friday 11th January 2019 Canon Tom Gunning VF was inducted as Parish Priest for Corpus Christi Parish in front of a full church. Seven priests were on the altar and the service was conducted by
Monsignor Bernard Massey. The choir were in attendance in full voice. It was a moving ceremony and was followed by light refreshments in the School Hall.It was an excellent evening all round
and Canon Tom thanked all those who had partaken in the service and those who provided and served an excellent buffet.
We wish Canon Tom welcome to the Parish and hope he has a long and happy Ministry.


First Communion, 2018.

After a period of preparation and instruction, children from the Deanery made their first reconcilliation and received Our Lord in holy communion
for the first time in a colourful service at Corpus Christi Church.

Photographs of all the children were taken. Only a selection can be put on the website, but I am sure if you contact the
office at Corpus Christi it will be possible to get copies of your child's ceremony.


Christmas 2017
As we approach the Festive Season Corpus Christi Church altar has been decorated as a Nativcity scene.
In concept and colour it has been transformed. No christian could fail to be moved by the drama and colour
that this has introduced. It is a fitting place for the Baby Jesus to be introduced and our joy complete.



On Wednesday 18th October 2017 Bishop Declan celebrated a Confirmation Mass at Corpus Christi when 23 children from the Deanery
were Confirmed. Fr. Kevin and Fr. Alex supported candidates from the Deanery and Fr. Johnson came down from London to support one family
with whom he was friendly. Deacon Stephen, who with Alan Malone had been responsible for the preparation of the candidates, attended the
Bishop on the altar.
The service opened with the choir in good voice singing 'I, the Lord of sea and sky,' before the greeting and welcome by Bishop Declan.
It being the Feast of St. Luke the Gospel reading was taken from his gospel. In his homily, based on 'the harvest is rich but the labourers are
few' the Bishop reminded the candidates that they were to become full members of the Catholic Community they too would be taking on
a responsibility to act out their faith in the community.
As each candidate was called they stood and in response to their name replied, "I am ready and willing." All present renewed their baptismal
promises before the bishop went up to each candidate and layed on his hands. Next each candidate with their sponsor went forward and knelt
before the bishop to be annointed with the Oil of Chrism. Prayers of the Faithful were presented by six of the candidates. The service
continued with full Mass.
After the service everyone was invited to refreshments in Corpus Christi School hall.



On 11th May a Joint Celebration Mass was held at Corpus Christi for Monseignor Gabriel Leyden and Fr. Liam O'Driscoll
on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of their ordination to the preisthood. Thirty-two priests from the Diocese attended and the church
was full to overflowing. Music was provided by the joint choirs of Corpus Christi and Our Lady of Lourdes under Musical Director Jean Davies.

After the Mass an American Supper was held in Corpus Christi School Hall by kind permission of Sam Gilman, Head of School and laid out and served by
members of the Parish Pastoral Council.

Parish Pastoral Council – Corpus Christi Parish – Weston - super - Mare
Minutes of meeting held om the 1st February 2017

1 Welcome and Prayer: Fr Richard opened the meeting with prayer
2 Present: Sr Jean, Fr Richard, Paul Evans, Deacon Mike Roberts, Deacon Stephen Munday, Glenda Latham Creasey, Richard Samuels, Mary Reville, Louise Rowden Kolbeinsen, Michael Feeley, Pierrette Burke (invited observer)
3 Apologies: Mary Usher-Clark, Joshy Abrahams
4 Introduction of Nick and Ruth Barrett from Holy Rood Parish, Swindon. Paul explained that Nick and Ruth were speakers at the meeting held at Alexander House on the 9th July 2016 with reference to the Holy Rood experience of starting an Alpha Course in their parish. Paul invited Nick and Ruth to share their experience. Nick gave a very clear and informative presentation and answered all our question.
Key points:
Nick stressed that we should not worry about all the details of setting up Alpha but put the project in the hands of the Lord, pray for guidance and discernment. Whist there is a format for Alpha there is room for flexibility. He did, however, stress the importance of the meal which is the first part of the Alpha evening. This experience has the function of welcoming people, relaxing the individuals and facilitating conversation and friendship. A team had to be created ( twelve people) and they really need to go through the Alpha programme first so that they understand the dynamics involved. Alpha has excellent resources on line which can be used for training and completing the sessions. Need to appoint the ‘Hosts’ and ‘Helpers’ who will be involved in the sessions, also need to organise the cooks and kitchen support. Excellent communication is vital in the parish – use a variety of method; pulpit, word of mouth, after mass with coffee, video presentation before mass. Nick said there are two basic models of Alpha. 1 Alpha exclusively for the parish, or 2 Alpha for the parish and invited guests from the town. Nick suggested we adopt model 1. This is the model we anticipated using to meet our mission of parish evangelization.
Important to note that Alpha has the blessing of Archbishop Kevin Nicholls for use in Catholic parishes. Also, Fr Chris Whitehead with the support of our bishop is promoting Alpha as just one of the many tools we can use to promote evangelization in our parishes.
After Nick and Ruth left for home it was agreed that we examine Alpha at our meeting in April in order to give us time to review the resources on line. April 5th 2017
5 Parish AGM. Date and format to be decided at our next PPC meeting held on 8th March 2017
6 Alpha registration and access to site: Paul has registered the parish. Please note this does not commit us to the delivery of the course or the use of our parish facilities by outside organisations.
Use the following to get access: It would be better if you each register individually but contact me if there are problems.
Go to> alpha.org/run
Follow instruction. You will need your user name and create a password. Any problems email me
7 Next meeting: 8th March 2017


Parish Pastoral Council - Corpus Christ Parish, Weston – super – Mare
Minutes of meeting held on the 4th January 2017
Welcome: Fr Richard opened the meeting with prayer.
1 Present: Fr Richard, Paul Evans, Joshy Abrahams, Mary Reville, Richard Samuels, Deacon Mike Roberts, Deacon Stephen Munday
2 Apologies: Mary Usher-Clark, Kay Matthews, Sr Patricia, Louise Rowden Kolbeinsen
3 Matters Arising: None. Minutes of meeting held on the 7th December 2016 were passed.
4 Healing Service: In discussions with Fr Richard McKay, it was clear that his expectation was that we have a mass and a healing service. Paul suggested to Fr Mc Kay that we would probably prefer just a healing service. The PPC, after careful exploration, decided to confirm with Fr Richard, that on this occasion, we would go with a healing service only. Paul to finalise the details with Fr McKay – Hymns etc.
Refreshments will be organised and coordinated by Deacon Mike. Wine / Squash, crisps and peanuts. Paper plates for the nibbles. This part of the service will take place at the back of the church. Paul is responsible for the clearing up of any mess on the church floor. Others will help with moving tables and clearing up ‘food’ etc.
5 Day Retreat on 7th October 2017 Fr Nick King SJ: We are very pleased that we have managed to invite Fr King, who is a gifted speaker, to the parish. On the day, mass will be celebrated at 9am followed by coffee in the School Hall. The day begins formally at 10 am. Nearer the time further details will be published. Paul to clarify ‘expenses’ and overnight accommodation. We need to publish the event in all local Catholic Churches.
6 Christmas – a refection: The 6.30 mass was very popular and really expressed the desire for families to share a celebration together. Paul asked, if in the future can we ‘use’ these Christmas events to attract back those who do not attend regularly? Fr Richard said that in the Year of Mercy and the run up to Christmas many individuals had celebrated the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation. Good News!
7 Lent: What activities can we arrange in the parish to support spiritual growth? We do a lot during the season of Lent, but Paul suggested that we offer some more activities, for example:
• How to contemplate?
• How to pray the scriptures? Lectio Divina
• Healing
• Meditation in the Church using different parts of the Church as a focus, eg the Font
Deacon Stephen offered to do one of the sessions. We will be looking for other contributors.
8 Coffee after Sunday Mass and socialising: The arrangement of tables can have a detrimental effect on the way we socialise; this is especially so for those new to the parish! Paul will initiate the change on Sunday 8th Jan. There will be 4 blocks of tables for people to sit at. Change is always difficult!
9 Pentecost / Christian Unity: Paul explored the idea with council members that we arrange ‘table fellowship’ with St Pauls in Weston. The plan would be to ask for ten couples at Corpus Christi to host a lunch or dinner for ten couples at St Pauls. A way of showing friendship, Christian solidarity and our love for Jesus - there were questions and concerns raised on this issue. Fr Richard asked Paul to discuss the details with Fr Andrew Alden at St Pauls. Will explore again at the next PPC meeting.
10 Progress Report on Parish Website: Tony Cookesley gave a brief report. We are in the process of making significant changes to the ‘system’. Currently we are not able to put anything onto the system. Tony will report back at the next meeting.
11 AoB:
• Mike Roberts asked if we can have the list of contact names etc for all the different groups in the parish and publish the list in the porch. This was agreed. Paul to give Mike what information he has. Mike will publish and maintain the list.
• Mike Roberts asked when the AGM will take place this year. This will be an item on the next agenda.
• Bidding Prayers: Mike Roberts asked if some of the prayers can be linked to the ministry of groups in the parish. Agreed this was a good idea. Deacon Stephen is responsible for the ‘Bidding Prayers’ and in liaison with Mike will organise this plan.
• Calendar of Events: Mike Roberts asked if we could publish parish events, by month in the Newsletter ‘Fourth Coming Events’. This was agreed to be a good idea but the system of collecting the information initiated a lot of discussion. Requires further exploration. Will put on the next agenda.
• Monsignor Gabriel Leyden – Golden anniversary. The PPC on behalf of the parish will host the celebrations. Deacon Stephen with the support of others will coordinate the event to be held on 11th May 2017, at 7 pm.

Next Meeting: Wednesday February 1st 2017


Parish Pastoral Council - Corpus Christi Parish, Weston – super – Mare
Minutes of meeting held on the 7th December 2016

Welcome: Fr Richard welcomed everyone and opened the meeting with a prayer.
1 Present: Fr Richard, Paul Evans, Mary Usher- Clark, Joshy Abrahams, Richard Samuels
2 Apologies: Kay Matthews, Glenda Latham-Creasey, Deacon Mike Roberts, Lee Palmer, Mary Reville, Sr Patricia, Louise Rowden-Kolbeinsen, Michael Feeley, Deacon Stephen Munday
3 Matters Arising: None. Minutes of meeting held on the 8th November 2016 were passed.
4 Parish Action Plan: Published in the porch. Five main areas of action, to be explored over a three year period. One area of the plan will be published in the Sunday Bulletin over five weeks and Fr Richard will bring peoples’ attention to the detail. Father noted that there is no bulletin for the Christmas period. Perhaps this ‘tradition’ should be changed?
Further points of discussion:
How can we facilitate the greater participation of other ‘cultures’ in the parish? Music? Art work? Special feast days; especially those which honour Our Lady. Could suggestions be brought to the Parish Liturgy Group?
Parish Action Plan: We will need to take a few meetings to discuss the practical details of the plan. It is imperative that the ideas take on practical consequences for the life of the parish, the building up of the community in faith, hope, and love.
Social inclusivity: We need to be aware of how seating/table management after Sunday Mass for coffee can mitigate against a sense of community, welcome, and inclusion. Need to experiment with layout. What about a reminder to introduce oneself to someone we have not spoken to before? Do we need hosts to welcome and help new people socialise?
5 Christmas cards sent to other local Christian communities. Thanks to Mary Usher-Clark for supplying the cards and also thanks to Joshy for supplying the stamps. We sent 14 cards to local churches, plus cards to Our Lady Of Lourdes and St Josephs. This practice is part of the Parish Action Plan, Area 4: Ecumenism.
6 Healing Service January 17th 2017: This event is now booked in the parish diary. Refreshments will be held in the Youth Club/Parish rooms afterwards. There was discussion about always making sure events are logged with Fr Richard and in the parish diary. Put in Newsletter asap so parish members can make arrangements. Need to contact Fr Richard McKay about music.
7 Parish Day Retreat in preparation for Easter: Can we invite someone experienced to visit the parish? Would be ideal to arrange event for Easter preparation. ( 4th week of lent – Saturday) Perhaps hold the event in the school? Paul will contact Fr Nick King SJ to check his availability – something on the ‘Spiritual Exercises’ which is ‘parish friendly’. A charge would need to be made for light lunch and Fr Kings expenses. Charge about £12’s? Father suggested we reduce cost by asking participants to bring food and share. A collection could be taken towards expenses and the parish would make up the difference.
8 Alpha Course: This course is very successfully completed in many churches, including the Catholic Church. The RCC now has its own version of the Alpha Course. Paul completed the course at St Pauls in Weston. Course takes about 15 sessions but can be done successfully in 8. Evening always begins with a cooked meal, 7-8.15 pm, then, there is a presentation with tea/coffee. Excellent IT used and well organised discussion. Fourth week went to Clevedon ( Christchurch) for session on the Holy Spirit. For lunch went to local Pizza Restaurant, all paid for by the church! Great emphasis on friendship and creating a very relaxed environment.
Pierrette, Natalie and Paul have attended a one day course on Alpha and recognise the great potential it has for our parish evangelisation.
Paul will invite members of Holy Rood Parish, Swindon, who have the Alpha course running to do a presentation to the PPC early in the New Year.
9 Ministries in the parish: RCIA is vulnerable because there is no succession in place. We have a limited number of Eucharistic ministers and this puts pressure on the active ministers. Need to look at the rota for ministers. Fr Richard will hold a meeting to discuss the issues. We have an aging parish population and this needs to be reflected in ‘pastoral and spiritual care’. Parish reflections on aging, sickness, dying and bereavement. Need to explore.
10 Kay’s report on the social committee: ( See the back of Agenda for details)
11 AOB: Cross on church taking a long time. Stone has been cut but has to ‘season’ before remedial work.
Progress on parish website: Tony Cookesley away at the moment.
Prayer Group: Does pray for the parish. There are about 8 constant members. Great emphasis on praise and asking the Holy Spirit to renew the parish.
‘A Celebration of God’s Forgiveness’ What a lovely service to end the Year of Mercy. Our thanks to Jean and Chris Davies for organising this event.

Next meeting: January 4th 2017 at 7.30 pm


Parish Pastoral Council – Corpus Christi Parish, Weston-super- Mare
Minutes of meeting held on the 8th November 2016
1 Present: Paul Evans, Lee Palmer, Kay Matthews, Mary Reville, Glenda Latham-Creasey, Richard Samuels, Louise Rowden-Kolbeinsen, Sr Pauline, Fr Richard, Gregory Tamaszck, Tony Cooksley
Apologies: Mary Usher-Clark, Michael Feeley, Mike Roberts
2 Welcome: Paul welcomed everyone and Fr Richard led us in prayer.
3 Minutes / Matters arising: The minutes were accepted as an accurate record of the meeting.
Matter arising, see agenda item 11 under AOB. Sr Patricia asked about the practice of someone preparing the congregation for the start of mass. Are we going to pursue this practice? After discussion, it was agreed that some members of the PPC would ‘introduce’ and ‘prepare’ the congregation for mass. This practice will take time to bed in and parishioners may find it ‘strange’ for a while, but hopefully parishioners will see the benefit of this practice and a prayerful atmosphere will be encouraged.
4 Parish Website – progress report. Thanks to Tony Cooksley for liaising with Gregory Tomaszck regarding the parish website and also, for overseeing the website. The PPC gave a brief outline of the parish expectations. Gregory has agreed to review the web page. Discussed format and capabilities of the website. Fr Richard asked about music being played. Gregory advised the necessity to review traffic to the website. Server restrictions will limit capabilities of website. Fr Richard advised security cameras will be installed shortly. This will enable live stream of the mass. Gregory stated this would not be possible via the website.
Paul suggested that we refresh, add graphics, picture gallery, history of the church, links to all the major Church documents.
Gregory doesn’t want to build a new page from scratch. He suggested using existing template. He also added that users could subscribe to electronic newsletter. Gregory will bring templates to the meeting on January 4th 2017. Tony C and Louise R to meet and lead on the website development along with Gregory.
5 Review of Study Morning at La Retraite. Glenda thought it was a good day. Kay enjoyed the day but was overwhelmed with the tasks ahead. Fr Richard cautioned that we need to build on what is positive and not be critical. All agreed that the day was an important opportunity for the PPC to reflect and outline action plans.
6 Parish Action Plan: Paul presented the Parish Action Plan. The plan is to be implemented over a five year period. Sr Pauline highly commended the plan, but for the sake of maximising clarity, suggested, that the text be shortened. And so the week beginning the 27th November and for the following five weeks, one of the themes will be included in the bulletin and Fr Richard will write some brief words explaining the text from ‘The Joy of The Gospel’. Also, Fr Richard will say some explanatory words in the homily about the theme. Richard S made the very welcome suggestion that for those who want to see the whole plan, copies will be made available in the porch. The plan points out the main areas for the parish to consider. There will have to be detailed work done by groups over the coming years.
7 Areas of Responsibility on action plan: Paul asked the members to reflect on an area they would be interested in working on. The PPC will rely, of course, on the contributions from groups in the parish.
8 Recruitment to the PPC: Paul requested the need to recruit more members to the council. Fr Richard felt that the number and composition was sufficient at the moment. Louise did raise the idea of whether we need to recruit from particular ‘cultural groups’ in the parish but this was deemed inappropriate at the moment. After further discussion, Fr Richard did agree to invite another person to the PPC and we await their response.
9 Healing Team, Fr Richard McKay: Richard McKay will visit the parish with his healing ministry team on the 17th January 2017, at 7.30 pm. Refreshments available after the service. Fr McKay will return after a month ( February) to ‘train’ parishioners who feel called to be part of a healing team in the parish.
10 Parish Prayer Group: The group is now established. Leadership from Deacon Tom – someone of great experience and discernment. The group meets every Thursday at 7 pm in the Youth Club room. Prayer is offered for the parish, especially the sick and dying. Paul suggested that parishioners can ask the group for prayer intentions. Need to organise how to facilitate this.
11 Close of the Holy Year of Mercy: On the 23rd November at 7.30 in the church there will be a service to pray especially for the Syrian crisis. ‘Welcome the Stranger in our Midst.’ Jean Davies has prepared the liturgy.
12 Lady Chapel: It was brought to Pauls attention by two parishioners that the ‘backcloth’ behind the statue of Our Lady perhaps needed replacing, because, the current one looked rather ‘tired’! Paul suggested blue material with silver stars. (Similar pattern to the decoration in the Lady Chapel at St Josephs) Fr Richard added that the purchase of the material would need to be fundraised for, rather than using parish funds.
13 Christmas cards for all our local Churches. It was proposed by Paul that we send Christmas greetings to other Christian Churches in Weston. This was accepted and Mary Usher Clark will be responsible for the cards and sending.
14 Day of Reflection for the parish during Lent 2017: Paul suggested that we arrange a day of reflection, based on the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises. Paul will explore further with Sr Patricia of La Retraite. Perhaps someone from St Beuno’s Retreat Centre, N Wales, or Fr Nick King SJ? It would be good if we could have this day before the parish Penitential Service. Fr Richard informed the council that in 2017 there would be a Diocesan Service at Corpus Christi on Thursday 9th March at 7 pm. Bishop Declan will be in attendance.
15 AOB: Alan and Linda Malone have formally resigned from organising the Passover and Advent Meals. They have supported the parish for many years in this ministry. We are very grateful and offer them our thanks and appreciation for their service.
Christmas Craft Fayre will be held on the 26th November.
Mary Reville who is a school governor was asked to explore the idea of the parish sharing the cost of installing a Defibulator. Fr Richard agreed in principle, need to examine all the details.
Richard raised the sensitive issue of managing children’s behaviour during mass. Could the ‘Welcomers’’ be more proactive in discouraging inappropriate behaviour? This issue will need further thought and reflection.
Next meeting: Wednesday 7th December 2016 at 7.30 pm.


Parish Pastoral Council – Corpus Christi Parish, Weston-super-Mare
Minutes of meeting held on the 6th October 2016
Held in the Newman Room at 7.30pm

Present: Paul Evans, Deacon Mike, Deacon Stephen, Mary Usher-Clark, Sister Patricia, Michael Feeley, Richard Samuels, Louise Rowden-Kolbeinsen,Glenda Latham-Creasey
Apologies: Fr Richard, Joshy Abrahams, Kay Matthews, Lee Palmer, Mary Reville.

1 Welcome: Paul welcomed members and Sister Patricia opened the meeting with a prayer.
There was a short discussion on where our future meetings would be held.

2 The minutes were accepted after one minor change.

3 Matters Arising
Glastonbury Pilgrimage 18th September 2016: all agreed that it had been a great success, with a full coach, confessions available and well led by Deacon Stephen.

4 Ecumenism: it is always on many churches agendas. Kay does a good job with CAMEO but needs more support .Churches Together, we have been more involved in the past. Michael agreed to go to the Churches Together AGM and Paul to find out more details from Ian Frazer. Kay goes to Women's World Day of Prayer. We must look within Parish for more volunteers. Possibility of getting more involved during Christian Unity Week in January.

5 Penitential Healing Service, Father Richard McKay and team : a great gift from the Holy Spirit which we do not use enough. Discussion followed re the 2 healing services we have for the housebound and sick but parishioners may not realise it is a healing open to all, as we are in need of all forms of healing during our stressful lives. Paul to contact Father Richard McKay now with a view to holding a service in the new year. It was felt too rushed to have one to close the Year of Mercy on 20th November. It was noted that the hearing loop in church does not seem to be working well and communication of the newsletter before Mass seems to have stopped.

6 Parish Prayer Group: will start on Thursday 13th October in the Youth Club Room at 7 pm. It will be led by Deacon Tom Moffat. It will take the format of praise, reflection, petitions and hymns.

7 Evangelisation: Ideas discussed re Carol singing group performing in town during Advent and collecting for the homeless. Agreed we need to see if any other groups already exist, Paul to check, and approach youth, Filipino guitarists and singers and any other talented singers in our parish who may like to get involved.

8 Web Page Progress: Mary reported that the person who had set up the Golf Club site was no longer doing it. Mary had looked at a free web site set up through "Webs". She volunteered to help Tony keep it up to date, however Paul believes that Tony has a contact already.

9 Vigil for Syria: Discussion around combining it with Friday Exposition, but wouldn't be open to all and some thought perhaps to combine the two was inappropriate. Possibility during 2nd week of Advent ,Saturday afternoon between 3pm-4pm. Meditation /readings/prayer/candles and finish with Benediction.

10 Study Day: 15th October at 11 Walliscote Road. Starting at 8.30 with coffee. 9 am prayer and discussions in 2 groups, led by Paul and Deacon Stephen.11am coffee 11.20 come together to discuss findings. 12.30 finish. Let Sister Patricia know numbers for coffee. Pierrette has been invited.

11 AOB: Sister Patricia commented that Alan does not seem to be reading newsletter items before Mass anymore and thought it had been agreed that we were to be encouraged to be quiet immediately before Mass started. It was agreed that one of the Deacons might call for quiet as long as we had Father Richard's agreement

Paul informed us that the Church was now closed during the day, following Police advice after the recent theft. He wondered if it would be possible to set up a rota,as he knows of other churches that have one. CCTV is on the buildings committee agenda.

11 Date of next meeting: Tuesday 8th November. Apologies from Mary U-C
The meeting closed at 8.50pm



Parish Pastoral Council – Corpus Christi Parish, Weston-super-Mare
Minutes of meeting held on the 7th September 2016
Held at the Presbytery, 7.30pm

Present: Paul Evans, Deacon Mike, Mary, Usher-Clark, Sister Pauline, Mary Reville, Michael Feeley, Richard Samuels, Lee Palmer
Apologies: Fr Richard, Joshy Abrahams, Kay Matthews, Louise Rowden-Kolbeinsen

1 Welcome: Paul welcomed the members to the new year for the PPC and a special welcome to our two new members Richard Samuels and Lee Palmer. Deacon Mike led us in the Diocesan Prayer of the Holy Year.
Paul highlighted our theme of work for the coming years – Evangelisation and Mission, reflecting the ideas of Pope Francis in ‘The Joy of the Gospel’. Through various means, we hope to communicate to the parish how evangelisation and mission will impact on our spiritual life at Corpus Christi.

2 Minutes of last meeting: Were accepted as a true record.

3 Matters arising: None

4 Glastonbury Pilgrimage 18th September 2016: Paul thanked Deacon Mike for all his work in arranging the coach and liaising with Our Lady St Mary of Glastonbury. Deacon Stephen will lead the pilgrimage. We leave after 10.30 mass. Paul must alert those going to take a packed lunch, via Parish bulletin.

5 Parish Website: Increasingly Churches’ must ensure that their ‘Website’ is fit for purpose. People will often visit a website not only to see times of masses but to get an impression of the vision and mission of the parish community. Also, our young people expect information to be available electronically. It was agreed that Mary Usher-Clark will explore the various opportunities open to us with regard to designing a new parish website. Mary will report back at our next meeting on the 6th October 2016.

6 Art Project: Closing date 11th September 2016
Paul has put an item in the bulletin which reminds everyone about the closing date. Paul and Mary will collect entries on Sunday after 10.30 mass. It was agreed that the 3 winners will be announced on the 18th September via the bulletin. All participants will receive a Certificate, Mary will organise the production of these.

7 Study Day at La Retraite September 24th 2016
Mike and Lee gave their apologies in advance, they cannot make the day.
Paul reminded everyone to be prompt. It was agreed that we will have two groups for discussion. Paul will lead one and Deacon Stephen the other. Paul also reminded members to bring their copy of the document with them. These are to be used in a parish study group to be formed later in the autumn. Hopefully all members have read a good portion of the document, but Paul emphasized that it is not essential.

8 Alpha in the Catholic context: On the 9th July this year, Pierrette Burke, Natalie Samuels and Paul attended a day at Alexander House on Alpha led by Fr Chris Woodhead. However, the day was led mostly by parishioners from Holy Rood parish, Swindon. Their presentation was inspiring and demonstrated how Alpha is a powerful tool for evangelisation in the parish.
Paul hopes that we can launch Alpha in the parish in Autumn 2017; in the meantime a lot of preparation is required to create the Alpha Team who will deliver the 12 week course. Paul will give a full presentation at the next PPC meeting when Fr Richard will be present.

9 Year of Mercy: Paul reported back about his research into a parish retreat. It is very difficult to find an appropriate retreat giver and also the cost is very expensive! After some discussion it was felt that we explore other ways to enrich our parish spiritual life.
The Year of Mercy ends on the 20th November but as a PPC we intend to continue with the vision the Holy Father, Pope Francis, put before the Church.
Parish Prayer Group
Richard suggested that we should have a prayer group in the parish and that the PPC ought to organise this. There was some discussion about the nature of the prayer group. Sr Patricia reminded us to leave the ‘nature’ of the group to the Holy Spirit! Michael Feeley said he was prepared to lead such a group, and as the group evolves new leaders will emerge. We pray that the Holy Spirit will warm our hearts so that we will meet to praise the Lord and tell the Lord how much we love him and depend on his mercy.

10 Christmas Crib: Paul asked Fr Richard if the Crib could be located at the back of the church. Paul felt that the traditional crib had the potential to engage with young people and, there was an opportunity to use the crib as a way to evangelise. Many parishioners when asked about this proposal were very enthusiastic but, there were those who objected. Their argument is that one can see the Crib at the front of the church – this is a good argument! However, Fr Richard has agreed that the Crib, for this year, will be at the back of the church but this is not a permanent policy and will be reviewed in the New Year. Paul outlined his ideas on how we could use the Crib to deepen our faith. Nearer the time Paul will communicate with the parish on how our prayers and reverence for the Holy Family can be nourished by writing comments on card and placed on the structure of the Crib.

11 The Bishops Pastoral Letter: Declan asked, ‘How are we reaching out to others?’ and, ‘Let people know and see that we reflect the merciful goodness of God.’
The PPC must take these words from the bishop, reflect on them, and work to practice them in the parish community.

12 AOB: Sr Pauline raised the issue of Ecumenism in Weston. We will discuss this as our first agenda item in October.

The meeting ended at 9.40pm.

Parish Pilgrimage to Glastonbury

On Sunday 11th September, 2016, a coach departed from Corpus Christi Church at midday for a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Glastonbury with 50 members of the Parish on board. The trip was part of our Jubilee of Mercy Year celebrations, and was led by Deacon Stephen.

On arrival at Glastonbury picnic lunch was taken. The Church had made the church hall available and quite a number of pilgrims used the facility. Tea and coffee was kindly provided by ladies of the local congregation

After lunch we assembled at the front of the church, where Deacon Stephen outlined the meaning of Holy Doors and read an appropriate chapter of the Gospel according to Mark before the pilgrims entered the church through the Holy Door, where we turned right and gathered around the font. Deacon Stephen there read another passage from St. Mark, reminded us of the significance of our baptism and offered up a baptismal prayer.

The group them processed to the Sacred Heart Chapel, where further prayers were offered up and pilgrims were invited to light a candle.

Our tour moved to the seats immediately in front of the Sanctuary where the party was seated and had a period of prayer and reflection. Paul Evans had succeeded in securing the services of a priest and anyone wishing to was able to attend reconcilliation. The group left the church at about 3 o'clock and returned to the coach.

Thanks are due to the Pastoral Council for arranging the trip and to Deacon Stephen for leading it.

Our Lady of Glastonbury                                        The Holy Door

  Our youngest pilgrim.                                           Pilgrims at prayer and contemplation.

The Sanctuary.


Harvest Supper

On Saturday 10th. September, 2016, the annual parish harvest supper was held in the hall. It had a Somerset theme and Lynne Parsonage and her team pepared a menu of a Ploughman's Supper followed by Apple Pie and Cream, washed down with Somerset cider provided by Joseph Burke. Grace was said by Mgr. Gabriel and a good time was had by all those attending.


Parish Pastoral Council – Corpus Christi Parish, Weston-super-Mare
Minutes – Monday 1St June 2016
Held at the Presbytery at 7.30pm
Present: Fr Richard, Paul Evans, Deacon Mike, Sister Jean, Mary Usher-Clark, Glenda Latham, Louise Rowden-Kolbeinsen, Joshy Abrahams
Apologies: Mary Reville, Kay Matthews, Deacon Stephen, Michael Feeley, Deacon Pedro
1 Welcome: Father Richard opened the meeting with a prayer asking the Lord to send His Holy Spirit upon us, to help the council serve our brothers and sisters in the parish community, asking the Lord to guide and protect all in the parish.
2 Minutes/ Matters Arising: There was a correction to those who were present. Sr Patricia was in attendance not Sister Pauline. The minutes were accepted as an accurate log of the meeting.
3 Parish Pilgrimage to Glastonbury – Our Lady St Mary of Glastonbury September 18th 2016 It was felt that we need to be careful not to confuse parishioners with the two different pilgrimages – the Diocesan ( July 10th ) and the parish (18th September) We will remove publicity for the parish event and publish after the 10th July. Fr Richard has agreed that the parish ( Holy Door / Indulgence) pilgrimage be of no cost to parishioners. Deacon Mike has done the costings with Coombs and it is a very good rate. Joshy thought we may get a better deal with Crosville but it was agreed that in the long run we get good value from Coombs. Deacon Mike will however consult with Joseph Burke ( Parish Administrator) to discuss the best options.
4 Year of Mercy: What can the parish do? Parish Retreat, Reconciliation Service, Vigil, Art Competition for Corpus Christi Children, Beach Evangelism – Stilling practice in the church
• Parish Retreat: Excellent idea. Paul would like a retreat before the Year of Mercy ends but members felt that there was no rush and we could plan for the new year. Paul will however do some research about the different ‘retreat experiences’ and report back to the council in September.
• Reconciliation and Vigil services could be organised (would require a priest(s) for reconciliation) and will be looked at later in the autumn.
• Art Competition. The competition is for the children in the parish and the emphasis will be on participation rather than winning. There will however be a prize in three age categories: 4 – 7, 8 – 11 and 12 – 16. First Prize = £10.00, commendations for 2nd and 3rd . All those who enter will receive a Certificate of Participation/Appreciation. Mary Usher-Clark will be responsible for the production of certificates. The Art Project will be done during the summer holidays and the entries must be given in before /after 10.30 mass on 11th September 2016 – Church Hall.
The children will select one or more themes which will be published, these themes are taken from Pope Francis’ Encyclical Laudato SI’ ‘On Care For Our Common Home’. The aim is for children to have some fun whilst also thinking about the beauty of our world and how we often spoil it and also, harm the poor in the developing world. Parents can of course help the children interpret some of the themes. Art work to be A3, can be any medium.
Louise Rowden is responsible for the project and will liaise with the school / youth club. Paul will produce the themes.
• Beach Evangelism: So many tourists visit Weston for their holidays. Could the parish of Corpus Christi give a special welcome to the holiday makers. Paul suggested that a small group situate ourselves on the Prom with a large banner. We invite people to our church for some ‘quiet time’. A simple meditation, Taize music, candles, last 20 minutes max. This could be our ‘gift’ or rather a gift from the Lord to those who visit the town.
After some discussion it was felt that we needed to have more time to prepare and perhaps think of next year. However, some positive suggestions came out of the discussion. Mary Usher suggested that we do a ‘Meditation Experience’ on each Saturday during advent. Mary and Paul will organise a ‘Meditation Experience’ for Advent. Sr Jean suggested that the Beach Evangelism would be a great opportunity to join with our fellow Christians in the local churches, eg St Paul’s. We will explore this further.
5 E Calendar: We need to renew the Parish Website. Tony Cooksley has done a great job but we now have to consider updating the site. Fr Richard will explore this item further.
6 Parish perception of the PPC: The Chair and other Council members are aware that there are negative views about the PPC. The main criticism is that some parishioner are not aware that we have a PPC and what the function of the PPC is!? This perception cannot change overnight but as council members we can engage more with the parish community; we need to communicate positively with the parish and discuss proposals with the parish. Over the next few months Paul will outline ideas through the medium of the parish bulletin.
7 Study Day at La Retraite, September 24th: We will start at 8:30. Preparation materials have already been issued. We will explore our parish situation in the light of Pope Francis’ exhortation ‘The Joy of the Gospel’. St Jean made the salient point that we need to share our discussion with the rest of the parish. On the day we will spend time in exploring how this could be done. Notes in the bulletin?
8 Feast Days in the Church’s calendar: The Church has many wonderful feast days, e.g Corpus Christi, Our Lady’s Birthday, The Exaltation of the Cross etc. Paul suggested that the PPC explore how we as a parish could really celebrate these feasts so as to enliven and deepen faith, especially with younger members in the parish For example, could we place birthday cards to Our Lady in the Lady chapel? Feast of the Sacred Heart – write our personal requests to Jesus, ‘Heart unto Heart’. ‘Popular religion’ is something that Pope Francis has said is so central to our Catholic Faith. Members were very positive about this initiative, Paul will look at this further.
9 Social Committee: The new committee has formally elected different officers and great progress has been made.
10 AOB: The field across from the church. Fr Richard asked the membership to give their views about the use of this field. The management and use of the field is complex. There was a lot of discussion on this matter but it will take other meetings in other forums to plan what is best for the parish. Louise Rowden will liaise with the Corpus Christi School on the use of the field.
Meeting ended at 9.05
11 Next meeting: September 7th 2016

Parish Pastoral Council – Corpus Christi Parish, Weston-super-Mare
Minutes – Wednesday 4 May 2016,
held at the Presbytery at 7.30pm.

Present: Father Richard, Paul Evans, Deacon Mike, Deacon Stephen. Michael Feeley, Sister Pauline, Kay Matthews, Mary Usher-Clark, Mary Reville, Glenda Latham, and Louise Rowden-Kolbeinsen

Welcome: Father Richard welcomed members to the meeting and opened the meeting with a prayer.

Father said he had spoken to David and suggested that he stepped down from the PPC as his term of office as Chair had come to an end and then he could focus on the Fabric and Finance Committee in which he is also involved. It should be recorded that Father offered our thanks to David for the work he has done for the PPC. Father will write a letter to David on behalf of the PPC. Father did say we must concentrate on finding new members for the PPC.

David had asked if someone would take over organising the coach for the Parish Pilgrimage to visit the Holy Door at Glastonbury on Sunday 18 September. Deacon Mike said he would be happy to do this and Kay will contact David for the all information he has regarding the Parish Pilgrimage.

Apologies: Deacon Pedro and Joshy Abraham,

2. Minutes: Sister Patricia said that she had not received the AGM minutes and Kay would forward them to her. Sister continued to say that to put the minutes of the PPC meetings at the back of the church for parishioners to peruse might be a good idea. This will happen in the future after a PPC meeting. The Minutes of the last meeting were adopted and signed as true and accurate.

3. Election of Chair/ Vice Chair: Paul Evans who is acting as Vice Chair was nominated to be Chair by Father Richard and Deacon Mike seconded his appointment.

There was no one on the Council who offered to be appointed Vice Chair. Paul said that when we get new members onto the Council we should have some potential for the position then.

4. Evaluation of AGM: It was felt that all the presentations given were clear and David had set up a good format for the talks. Father suggested it would be good for the next AGM to have a time slot of 2 minutes for each talk as it was felt generally that the AGM went on a little too long. All sorts of ideas were suggested for the next AGM i.e. having tables with the history of each ministry around the room for parishioners to view.

It was suggested that before next year’s AGM say, 2 weeks in advance of the meeting, that the PPC organise an opportunity for members in the parish to ask question in writing.. In fact Mary Usher-Clark said it would be good to have a box in the porch of the church for any questions the parishioners would like to ask the PPC. Mary undertook to get this set up.

Paul said it was an oversight that the Filipino and Syro Malabar community were not included in the talks but Father added that they are not a group in themselves as they are members of the parish. We do not want to create groups within the parish congregation. It was noted that having representatives from these communities was enriching.

Paul asked for a date for the next AGM. He suggested the Sunday before Good Shepherd Sunday. Father asked whether we ought to consider having the AGM on the Saturday evening next time so parishioners attending that Mass would come along. In the end it was unanimously agreed because of higher number of parishioners attending, to keep it to the Sunday morning with a time limit on the AGM meeting, starting at 11,45am and finishing at the latest 1pm.

At this point it was asked whether coffee after the 6.30pm Saturday Mass would be a nice idea. Paul said he would research this with the people at that Mass.

5 Date of Meetings: The main meetings needed to be fixed. Paul suggested we have 10 meetings in the year and this was agreed, with August and September off, when most people are on holiday. The day of the week chosen was the first Wednesday of each month and this was duly adopted.

Calendar for the Year. Paul felt it would be good to have a calendar of events for the year so that we knew what was definitely going on and Deacon Stephen is going to look into this being set up on the website.

6. Recruitment of new members to PPC. Paul informed us that it is an honour that we are all invited to the Council by Father Richard. Paul asked us all to look out for potential people for the PPC, who would be suited and to put their names forward for Father’s consideration.

It was asked by Paul how we felt about an 18 year old being elected to the Council perhaps from the Youth Club and Father and everyone was in agreement if a suitable candidate came forward.

It was added by Paul that it would be good to find two more members by September.

7. Study Day at La Retraite: 24 September 9am – 12.30pm. The inspiration for this day has come from the Evangelii Gaudium, The Joy of the Gospel, by Pope Francis. Paul handed out a booklet to each member of the Council for us to read. The Theme is ‘Mission and Evangelisation.’ Paul said the booklet is easy to read and invigorating. The day will focus on evangelization and mission with reference to our community here at Corpus Christi

8. Good Shepherd Sunday: Paul said thank you to Mary Usher-Clark and Kay for staying behind after Mass on the Sunday to encourage parishioners to sign up for the different ministries. We did achieve 8 people and made the parishioners aware of life of the Church. Paul also thanked Deacon Mike for his Homily which was extremely good and fitted in with what we were hoping to achieve. We must look to innovative ways to help out with the ministries.

9. Glastonbury Pilgrimage Sunday 18 September leaving at 12 noon: Paul asked Father whether it could be explained to parishioners about the Holy Doors and the Indulgences that it gives. Hopefully this should enlighten parishioners to sign up to take part in the Pilgrimage.

Initially a feeler is going to be put out with a chart at the back of the church to see how many people would be interested in going to Glastonbury starting this weekend. This way it should be easier to work out the cost of the fare once the coach has been booked. When the cost of the fare of the coach has been established, it was suggested that people wanting to go should put their money into an envelope clearly marked ‘Pilgrimage’ into the collection at the weekend Masses or Paul would be on hand at the 6.30pm Saturday Mass and Mary Usher-Clark at the 10.30am Sunday Mass to take parishioners’ envelopes. Another option is to post the fare envelopes through the Presbytery door for Joseph, the Parish Treasurer.

10. Social Committee: Kay gave a brief report on the Social Committee saying that she had an initial meeting with Julie Clayton who is Chair of this committee and Julie is going to set up a meeting with people she feels will come onto the committee. Kay will act as mentor and give Julie support to get the Social Committee correctly structured.

AOB Mary Reville said that she had been approached by some people complaining at the state of the kitchen. We will refer this issue to the Fabric & Finance Committee.

Paul brought up the fact that someone might be needed to go to the Diocesan meeting which are held periodically. Father said we would have to wait for a date of the next meeting.

Next Meeting: Wednesday 1st June, 7.15pm for 7.30pm. Meeting closed at 9.10 with a prayer from Father Richard.


Parish Pastoral Council – Corpus Christi Parish, Weston-super-Mare
Minutes – Friday 8 April 2016,
held at the Presbytery at 7.30pm.

Present: Father Richard, Deacon Mike, David Parrott, Michael Feeley, Sister Pauline, Kay Matthews, Mary Usher-Clark, Paul Evans, Joshy Abraham, Mary Revelle, and
Deacon Stephen.

1. Welcome: Father Richard welcomed members to the meeting and opened the meeting with a prayer on the year of Unity asking that we should all be united together.

2. Apologies: Deacon Pedro and Glenda Latham,

4. Minutes: These were approved as true and accurate.

5. President’s Report: Father Richard commenced his report by saying that he had little to say as he felt from the Church’s point of view this year had been an increase in pressure perhaps because there was little respite from Christmas until Easter with Easter being really early this year.

Father did say that Richard Samuels who is a perfectionist was making a good job of the paving outside the church which was badly in need of repair.

Last Sunday the side chapel was blessed and named the Chapel of Mercy. It is intended to put down some new carpet and to have a few chairs so that it is more inviting for quiet time and prayer.

For the A.G.M. on Sunday he was hoping for a good response from Council members and to show a united front.

6. Chairman: a). David said that the Finance and Fabric Committee would be giving a presentation at the AGM. Various other Ministries would be giving a short account of their activities over the last year from Music, RCIA and Liturgy by Jean Davies; CAFOD by Chris Davies; Mary Usher Clark on Welcomers, hoping for the young people to join in this group from the Filipinos and Malabar communities. Kay will talk on flowers and the Ecumenical activities. David was hoping that Julie Ottley will speak about the children’s Liturgy group but she has been unwell. Bill McEntee will comment on the Eucharist Ministry and Welfare Group. Matthew Duffin hopefully will be available to speak about the Friendship Club’s year. The Soup Kitchen progress will be headed up by Aileen Roberts’ report.

David asked if the Deacons would give a talk on their responsibilities, to which Deacon Stephen said he would willing do so after he has finished the Baptism. Deacon Mike said he would contribute as well.

Kay asked if the Social Committee could be mentioned at the AGM and for it to be brought to parishioners’ notice that more help is seriously needed on this committee and David said he would be bringing this to the AGM’s attention.

b) David has been making enquiries with St Mary’s at Glastonbury as to when we can have our Pilgrimage, Holy Doors for Corpus Christi. Apparently St Mary’s is booking up fast and David needed 3 dates to allow him to go back to them to fix a date for us. So the 26th June, 10 August or 18 September was suggested.

c) David said he has put status of Chair into the Agenda because he had discovered that he had gone over his 3 years as Chair and felt it was only correct under the Constitution to step down immediately after he has chaired the AGM on Sunday. He suggested that Paul stepped up to act as temporary Chair and a new Chair was sort.

7. Welcomers: Mary said that that she had recruited Glenda from the Filipino Community and Polly the granddaughter of Diane and Malcolm Venn was going to join. Unfortunately another person left the Ministry last week.

8. Social Committee: Michael is going to have a word with Julie to see how much she wants to be involved on the Social Committee and to report back.

AOB Mary Revelle said that she had been approached by some parishioners, asking if there could be a handrail put in below the Lectern. This will be put to Fabric & Finance Committee.

Women’s’ Day of Pray: Ecumenical – Kay said on a happy note the Women’s World Day of prayer was absolutely wonderful based on Cuba with a very good colourful Service and Cuban biscuits baked for tea afterwards. About 10 people supported the event from Corpus Christi and the Baptist Church Congregation were extremely friendly.

Michael asked if there was training going on for the young Servers as he felt that they seemed unaware as to what they should be doing. It was said that Deacon Pedro was in charge and David was going to look into this.

Deacon Stephen asked what the AGM was going to be based on. Mary Usher Clark suggested “What is the PCC?” It was also suggested that parishioners should all take ownership as a living sign of Jesus Christ in Weston. Deacon Stephen said we should have been thinking about the AGM at least 4 weeks beforehand and leaflets with the format put out to the parishioners. We should make note of this and to be aware of it for next year’s AGM.

Sister Pauline said she was impressed with the Good Friday Stations of the Cross with the young people, it was refreshing and the Youth Club should be included and encourage to help in the church. There are some good readers and some have been made Eucharist Ministers.

Today, Pope Francis’ release of Apostolic Exhortation on “The Joy of Love” and Council members were interested and Father Richard said that we could read a shorter version of it by logging on the Diocesan website.

Paul made a point of thanking David for his work as Chair which Council Members added their thanks by applauding.

Next Meeting: Wednesday 4th May, 7.15pm for 7.30pm. Paul suggested this meeting to enable the putting together a programme for the rest of the year for Corpus Christi Parish.

Meeting closed at 8.45 with a prayer from Father Richard.

Parish Pastoral Council – Corpus Christi, Weston-super-Mare
Minutes – Friday 5 February 2016,
held at the Presbytery at 7.30pm.

Present: Father Richard, Deacon Mike, David Parrott, Michael Feeley, Sister Jean, Kay Matthews, Mary Usher-Clark, Glenda Latham, and Paul Evans.

1. Welcome: Father Richard welcomed members to the meeting and a big welcome to Paul and Sister Jean and opened the meeting with a prayer on the year of Unity asking that we should all be united together.

2. Apologies: Joshy Abraham, Mary Revelle, Deacon Stephen, Deacon Pedro, and Louise Cobson.

Minutes: These were approved as true and accurate copy.

3. President’s Report: Father commenced his report by saying that he wished the Pastoral Council to be completely separate from the Finance & Fabric Committee. For clarification if the Council needs to express a concern on a financial matter needing attention and which it feels it needs to do, then the Pastoral Council could make a decision with the Finance & Fabric Committee’s back-up.

Father said that his Tribunal work takes up so much of his time. When he started on the Tribunal there was only 3-5 cases per month and now it has grown to 13 cases per month. Father felt that we must find ways around this so the parish runs more smoothly. He appreciated that the parish was doing a lot but there were areas that need his attention.

4. Acting Chairman: David said that the first thing to be approached is the appointment and election of a Chair and Vice Chair. The committee was asked if anyone was prepared to stand for the position of Chair. As there was no response from the council to be Chair, David said he would take on this task for one more year bearing in mind that this would his 3rd year. He was thanked by the committee. David was proposed by Mary Usher-Clark and seconded by Michael Feeley. He asked the committee for a Vice Chair and Paul Evans very kindly came forward. David thanked and proposed him and seconded by Sister Jean.

The Parish AGM was discussed and it was decided to have it on Sunday 10 April after the 10.30am Mass in the church hall. The Finance & Fabric committee would be invited. David will get in touch with the different Ministries/parish groups to ask if some of them would give a talk.

David said that he is in the process of setting up the parish calendar on a website and David would control the operation. Kay said she would get a list of the Ministries/groups and who heads them up.

Parish tithe funds need to be brought up to be discussed again. It needs to be made known to whom the yearly donations would be made for its publication. A third of the weekly collection is made up of church, CAFOD and the Food Bank. Other charities will need to be identified. This item needs to be raised at the AGM or PPC meeting.

David addressed Father Richard’s concerns about the Parish saying that we therefore have a duty to support Father as much as possible. It was suggested that a meeting should be held with Father, Deacon Mike, Deacon Stephen, Deacon Pedro, David and Paul to discuss this in depth. David will arrange the meeting.

The commissioning of the PPC will be discussed at the next meeting.

Welcomers: Mary said that they had lost another 2 people from the rota and it means that with 8 welcomers they have all to be on once a month. She thinks the reason for the decline is because people do not realise what is involved because there many aspects to the job. From welcoming, handing out prayer books, finding people for the collection, looking after the handbags during communion, letting the children liturgy know when to return to church, first aid and clearing up afterwards. Glenda offered to help and Sister Jean wondered what she could do to help.

Social Committee: Four members of the social committee have resigned and we are not sure where to go from here.

The Christmas Bazaar was extremely good with £2007 raised. The Talent evening was well supported and enjoyed. Father suggested that the Social Committee should be separated into different activities such as refreshments, fundraising and entertainment and these areas being responsible for themselves. There is every possibility that Julie Clayton will continue. The Summer Fete is an important event and will need to be addressed urgently.

Other events have not been organised this year.

AOB: David asked that if any member of the Council wished to bring up an item to be discussed then would they please inform David beforehand so that it can be included into the agenda.

Parish Trip: Father suggested a Parish trip to the Doors of Mercy at Glastonbury. David will put this into action.

Womens’ Day of Pray: Ecumenical - Kay took on this event on after being approached by a lady from another church. This year it is praying for Cuba and it will be held at the Baptist Church, Clarence Park, in Walliscote Road at 2.30pm. on Friday 4 March 2016.

Kay also said she has put a note in the Newsletter for an update on Parish names and addresses as this list needs attention.

Next Meeting: Friday 8 April, 7pm for 7.30pm.